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Kangols most popular winter ivy cap. Keep warm, look cool. Get a color to match your wardrobe!

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Tilley LTM6

Tilley LTM6

Tilley LTM6

Battle the Elements with One Hat

Is it the nylon material from which this hat is made that makes it so good? Or is it the “Canadian persnicketiness” with which it is made? Either way, it blocks the sun, repels the rain and floats on water. It features front and back headstraps that keep it from blowing off in either direction (perfect for sailors), a lifetime guarantee, washing instructions and an owner’s manual! Add in that it is soft, comfortable, light weight and vented, and you aren’t going to find a better piece of solar protection for men or women. The only differences between the Tilley LTM3 and Tilley LTM6 is that the LTM3 has a rounder crown and a shorter brim that snaps on the sides to keep the brim from getting in the way while casting a fly rod or doing any number of other activities. Canada.

Colors: Khaki.
Brim: Front and Back: 3 1/2" Sides: 2 1/2
Crown: 4-inch flat top.
Sizes: 6 7/8 to 8+.


Product ID: LTM6
Vendor: Tilley
Price:  $79.00 

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