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Downturn Panama Straw Hat

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Panama Downturn Straw Hat

Capas Panama Downturn Straw Hat

A Rather English Look for a Panama, I Dare Say

Who wants their bloody brim to snap up anyway? It’s only proper to keep that brim down to provide optimal protection from the sun. The narrow dress band isn’t too overstated, and the center-dent crown features Capas’ “Uncrushable Insert” to help the genuine Panama straw hat maintain its shape. The cloth sweatband helps to minimize the marks on your forehead with a well-fitted hat. USA.

Colors: Natural, Toast.
Brim: 2 1/2-inch downturn.
Crown: 4-inch center dent.
Sizes: Sm, Med, Lg, XL, XXL.


Product ID: DWT
Vendor: Capas
Price:  $95.00 

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